MANIFEST: New artistic perspectives on memories of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people is an artistic and educational project that aims to contribute to and enhance the re-imagination of Europe’s collective memory of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people. 

The Project seeks to strongly engage with diverse artists and audiences for whom the topic of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people has a special interest or motivation. All artistic forms of expression are welcome. 

By organising an artistic residency in Budapest/Zsennye, Lisbon and Copenhagen – Artistic Journey – the Project seeks to empower artists to approach the subject matter, re-imagining the history of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people from the perspective of its links in the European continent and its existing cultural traces. The selected artists will travel to the three cities to create art designed to promote a creative look into the past collective memory. Along this Journey, artists and creators will be encouraged to fully take advantage of new technologies and foster personal capacity building.

In parallel, research and stakeholder engagement with relevant communities will support the Artistic Journey with a solid and documented research contribution about the material and immaterial heritage and social traces of this trade, out of which a Resources Publication will result.  

The Journey will be closed with a Final Event in Nantes, a city filled with relics of its slave-trading past. It will be an opportunity to host the Award Ceremony for the residency creators and to engage the artwork with the social debate on the topic. 


Khora is based in Copenhagen and founded in 2015 as the world’s first combined virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) production house, store and showroom – and among the first to instruct and produce high-end immersive virtual reality content in the Nordic Region, having released more than 300 immersive experiences. Today, we have a creative and diverse full-scale production team of 20 employees, including computer graphics and 3D artists, sound designers, filmmakers, programmers, developers and AR/VR experts, with diverse backgrounds in philosophy, history, communication, techno anthropology and business studies. We strive to democratize access to VR because it gives us powerful, educational and meaningful experiences that can tie us closer to each other and to our heritage. Our productions are all made in-house and in close dialogue with our partners. Our track record and extensive experience enable us to offer honest insights on disadvantages and advantages across the range of VR/AR mediums.

For more than thirty years, the association Les Anneaux de la Memoire (Shackles of Memory) has been developing cultural projects around the themes of the history and heritage of the Atlantic trade of enslaved people and colonial enslavement. The history of enslavement, which is particularly complex, has long been concealed and remains difficult to recall. Faced with this fact, Les Anneaux de la Mémoire take action with different audiences and in different forms (publications, conferences, exhibitions, etc.) to promote cultural mediation around the dissemination of historical knowledge.
The association creates exhibitions, publishes books, and carries out cultural and artistic projects at the local and international level in close collaboration with a large number of cultural actors, researchers and activists. Les Anneaux de la Mémoire also supports project leaders in the enhancement of heritage sites or the production of mediation materials. Since 2019, the association has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the Remembrance of Slavery.

Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture. From this combination, creative ideas emerge – artists, cultural activists, scientists and experts of various fields meet and give cutting-edge answers for the questions of our age. We focus our capacities on the fields where we aim to have a positive long-term impact, thus Pro Progressione is built up on four main pillars, PP Social, PP Cult, PP Arts and PP Sound.

We are active in the field of socially engaged arts, cultural & natural heritage interpretation, music as tradition and the productions of unique performances. Our innovative team disposes of a large scale of professional competences and creativity, each of our members are personally engaged with arts and culture. Pro Progressione has been implementing numerous international projects supported by the European Commission. We believe in interdisciplinary creation, in a mutual exchange between disciplines, art forms and actors of social and artistic fields. Our overall objective is to create an international network of artists, institutions and audiences by helping the communities to find their path towards arts. Pro Progressione is active in a wide range of cultural associations and programmes: Culture Action Europe, IETM, MitOst, Voices of Culture, Association of Independent Performing Arts in Hungary.

Gerador is an independent Portuguese platform for journalism, culture and education. Having existed since 2014, it works within these three fields in an integrated and holistic way, based on the belief that they are fundamental for the development of a creative and critical thinking. Gerador focuses on slow journalism as a counterpoint to the urgency of the times that surround us, publishing a quarterly magazine, as well as digital content on their website and social networks. Gerador also works within the cultural field, creating, organizing and producing initiatives that seem fundamental to a free and progressive society. As for the educational project, it is divided into three fundamental areas: training, research and environmental sustainability. Gerador’s Academy tries to find new angles for education and to conduct research studies that contribute for the decision-making processes in several areas. All of Gerador’s initiatives touch upon topics such as inequality, discrimination, climate emergency, challenges faced by the youth, cultural matters and the issues of the areas with a lower population density in Portugal. Gerador pursues these subjects today because they are decisive for what we will be as a society tomorrow.
CUMEDIAE, acronym for Culture & Media Agency Europe, is a Brussels based international non-profit agency providing consultancy services in the field of Creative and Cultural Industries. It was founded in 2012 by a group of professionals with long experience in the field of cultural management and cultural policy, strongly motivated and influenced by the UNESCO 2005 Convention on Cultural diversity and its objectives and guiding principles. CUMEDIAE’s activities can be diverse, with a common denominator: promoting support to international projects, activities and communication in the creative sector, and connecting professionals and organizations engaged in the arts and creative sectors (in its management as well as in policy). CUMEDIAE tries to focus on projects where there are national, cultural or linguistic borders which might represent barriers for cooperation. CUMEDIAE operates in Europe as well as in its neighboring countries, and eventually in third countries if European institutions play a funding role. Since its creation, CUMEDIAE has been successfully involved in the conceptualization, structuring, implementation and dissemination of a number of European projects -always linked to the CCIs- funded by different EU programs and Institutions.



Dr. Vânia Gala steps into a more central role within the MANIFEST project as its Artistic Anchor, a newly conceived role that has been established to strengthen connectivity and substantial artistic guidance during the project’s crucial second phase, leading up to the final exhibition.


The Advisory Board ensures the historical and scientific integrity of the project. Each member provides opinion and advice on the scientific aspect on the Interactive Resources platform developed as part of the project. They will also be able to advise artists on the content that will be provided to them for the design of their work.


MANIFEST is expanding its network! Friends of MANIFEST is a selected group of organisations and institutions sharing our mission and values. The Consortium has envisaged the creation this network with the intention to better structure our interaction with those who can and are willing to provide an effective contribution in any way, adding to the project’s processes and facilitating its largest dissemination and the greater impact for the potential artists and audiences. 

Interested in joining the network and collaborating with us? Don’t hesitate to contact out team at comms@projectmanifest.eu



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