MEET THE ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Fred Ebami from Collectif On À Slamé Sur La Lune

Fred Ebami

Fred Ebami is a Franco-Cameroonian pop artist who is part of the digital world and brings a refreshingly avant-garde edge to conventional pop art. His world, a mix between Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein and Oliviero Toscani, makes him the communicating link between yesterday’s generation, today’s and tomorrow’s.

Within the MANIFEST Artistic Journey, Fred will be working with Calvin Yug and Albert  Morisseau Leroy dit Manalone as a member of the Collectif On À Slamé Sur La Lune.

The need to storytell today's world linked to the passed , to leave a clearer picture for the next generations.


MEET THE ARTISTS FROM Collectif On À Slamé Sur La Lune