ClaraAmente_Gerador artist selection committee

Clara Amante

Clara Amante is the head of Gerador’s Academy, coordinating both the educational and the research programs of Gerador. She is a project manager for projects related to youth, citizenship and sustainability, as well as a researcher on topics such as the population’s relationship with culture. At Gerador, Clara also curates training courses on fields such as cultural management, audiovisual production, communications, journalism and citizenship.

She holds a Master’s degree in Arts and Society from the Utrecht University (NL). During her time in The Netherlands she was a researcher and project assistant for Stichting art.1, where she took part in different trans-European initiatives that worked mainly with youth, LGBTQ+ right and migrants’ issues through the development of artistic projects. In 2019, Clara integrated the programming team for International Queer and Migrant Film Festival Amsterdam.