Matiaa Katajavaara Seidler khoravr contemporary artist selection committee

Matias Katajavaara Seidler 

Expert in enabling and widening access to XR and immersive VR from advocacy to project inception and management. Matias is passionate about how to create meaningful experience-based digital transformations and interventions using XR.

Matias holds an MA in Philosophy & Science Studies with a minor in Health Promotion and Strategies. He has twelve years of professional experience working in the intersections of new tech, startup development, project inception, and learning. He is passionate about new media, human perception, and spaces and ventures with potential for manoeuvre and metamorphosis – conceptually, commercially, and creatively. 

Matias is Lead on Khora’s European projects and engagements, where he uses a multidisciplinary mindset and a keen curiosity to mix pioneer producers and all types of institutions, while looking for synergies, relevant resource streams and purposeful minds to create bedrocks on which significant projects and partnerships can grow.