Patricia Beauchamp-Afadé, from Les Anneaux de la Mémoire, is the coordinator of the scientific component of MANIFEST. Read what she has to say about the launch of the MANIFEST Resource publication.

As coordinator of the scientific component of the MANIFEST project, I am particularly honoured to announce the publication of the first online resources.

This painful history of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people and colonial slavery is still taboo and little known by our contemporaries. However, it had a strong impact on the three continents of the Atlantic, and played an essential role in the construction of modern Europe, our national identities and our social relations. 

Many prejudices need to be deconstructed, and the MANIFEST project is a great opportunity to carry out this work of deconstruction and re-imagination of news narratives. 

This work undertaken with all the partners of MANIFEST is so exciting! It is based on an Artistic Journey that will begin in June 2023. But on such a sensitive subject, which has impacted millions of people, the artistic work cannot be built on anything. It must be fuelled by historical data, varied, coming from current research. This is the objective of the MANIFEST Resource Center!

It will be regularly fuelled with data of all kinds (short articles, cartels, visuals, videos, audio, etc.). You will discover:

  • How and why European powers embarked on the transatlantic trade of enslaved people from the 15th century onwards?
  • What are the stages and actors of a trading voyage? How did the whole of Europe, and not only the coastline European countries, become involved in this economy?
  • What are the impacts of this history on modern Europe: economic, social and political?
  • What memory of this history is present in Europe?
  • Why does such a monument exist? What does it commemorate?
  • Etc.

We would like to thank the project team, the members of the Advisory Board and the authors of the content published for their valuable cooperation, as well as the Friends of MANIFEST for their trust and the support they provide.

Come regularly to discover the new content put online!