MEET THE ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Ginebra Raventós from The Acoustic Heritage Collective

Ginebra raventos MANIFEST Artists residency

Ginebra Raventós

Poet and transmedia artist, her field of research crosses the voice, the word, the collective unconscious, and the psychoacoustics through sound and space. She has published the sound book “Saturn darrere nostre: el glaç, el got, el buit, l’acte verte” (2019), the immersive poem “Estampes del vertigen, del membre fantasma, de l’èxtasi, de tu” (2023) and the artist book “GONG” (2015).

Ginebra Raventós performed at the Fundació Tàpies, Eufònic festival, Antic Teatre, SONAR + D, Hangar, CC sant Agusti, Konvent0, Phonos, La casa encendida (ES), Copenhagen literature festival and KUA university(DEN), MONOM (DE).

Ginebra Raventós is part of the Acoustic heritage collective, based in Barcelona and Berlin and their lines of action include: Safeguarding of Acoustic and Sound Heritage, Workshops and lectures, Research and Dissemination, and Digitization of heritage. This last work is an immersive narrative based on Jules Verne’s book “Journey to the center of the earth” (2023) recorded in Island.

Ginebra Raventós is also part of Sessions nocturnes, a project that combines techno with elements of IDM, acid, and poetry. Based in the city of Barcelona. Its sound is a combination of synthesizers, analog drum machines, soundscapes, recited poetry, and its own sound registers.

Within the MANIFEST Artistic Journey, Ginebra will work with EMARX and Edgardo Gómez as a member of The Acoustic Heritage Collective. 

With my art pieces, I want to invite people to walk the collective inner and affective universe to map it, materialise it, and explore this geography as an extension of our mind. As a subversive act, let's reclaim and allow ourselves to inhabit these mental spaces that fill us with white noise, that are not marketable or quantifiable and therefore are often discarded.


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